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Semiconductor industry’s requirements are highly technical & specific

We can’t succeed without deep specialization and expertise. Leveraging on decade of development and process technology, we continually to work on the contact integrity and life prolongation. With the knowledge gained through the decade of serving semiconductor industry, our team can help to design the optimum contactor solutions for your needs. Committed to quality, Advanx Technology manufacturing facility in Singapore is registered to ISO 9001 certified.

We offer a wide range from high tolerance precision components to simple parts, manufactured to customer requirements. As one of our primary goals we pride ourselves in great customer relations and service ensuring we process short and long term orders, providing a high quality product at a competitive price with on time delivery as key.

Quality Precision Engineering Solutions that are consistently delivered on time

Advanx Technology has experience manufacturing precision machines components for a diverse range of industries. We combine cutting-edge technology with industry expertise & adopt a rigorous process of manufacture, assembly & testing. From the initial design, through the machining process, to the finished product, ensuring precision at every stage.

Low and high-volumes, from design through manufacturing

We provide our customers with competitive advantages in
cost, quality, and lead times.