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Green Challenge

Green Movement

  • industry drives towards “green” or leadfree electronic products
  • affected are: lead base tin in semiconductor components
  • market pressure and legal restrictions are forcing the implementation of green packages
  • legal restraints for using dangerous materials in electronic devices become a worldwide phenomenon

Conventional contact fingers will lead to drastic increase in final test cost.
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Leadfree Material

  • Leadframe and Area Array Packages (QFN, QFP, SO, TSSOP, BGA….)
  • PdNi (Palladium Nickel)
  • Sn100 (100% Tin)
  • SnAgCu (Tin Silver Copper)
  • SnBi (Tin Bismut)
  • others, not specified

Impact of new platings on contacts performance

  • Pd based material, preplated leadframe (PdNi)
  • Pd (Palladium) is much harder than Sn (Tin) therefore increases wear on contact fingers
  • oxidation of the contact fingers base material causes contact resistance increase > degradation of 1st pass yield
  • Sn (Tin) based materials (Sn100, SnAgCu and SnBi)
  • Sn (Tin) transfere and accumulate from package to contact fingers, also known as solder migration
  • Sn (Tin) on gold contact surfaces causes deterioration of contact resistance > degradation of 1st pass yield
  • frequent cleaning cycles > increased downtime and potential damage of contact fingers

Low and high-volumes, from design through manufacturing

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